Car-Sharing VAP (Vehicles And Partners)

Another way of getting around, friendlier and more cost-effective, thanks to

Car-Sharing VAP (Vehicles And Partners) - VAP

Feel like sharing a car in town?
Drivers and pedestrians,
Join for free the VAP
and practice together a secure hitch-hiking
to complement the railways, trams, buses, etc.

Do you often use your car for short trips in your area? Are you ready to let a neighbour benefit from your trip?

Do you usually travel by car but there is no parking space available at your destination ?

Do you mostly travel by public transport but live quite far from a railway or metro station?

Then Vehicles And Partners (VAP) may be of interest to you !

VAP offers you a car-sharing system based on hitch-hiking for short trips within or around your commune, or to get you to a railway, a metro station, or a bus-stop.

- VAP car-sharing is safe: all participants have to register as members of the association. Furthermore, compulsory (RC) car insurance covers all passengers, including therefore the car-sharers.
- VAP car-sharing is a sustainable solution, both to help reducing the number of cars in town and to make better use of those on the move. It simply requires us to change our habits: opening the door of our car to a pedestrian or getting into the car of an unknown driver, even if they are VAP members, may seem unusual at first.
- VAP car-sharing is particularly suitable for once-off trips to various destinations. No former arrangements by mail or phone are needed.
- VAP car-sharing is an ideal complement to public transport : many users live too far away from a railway or metro station to get there readily.

VAP car-sharing provides them with a new, easier mode of access without overcrowding the public parking space.

Friendliness among neighbours is an important part of the initiative.
And the more VAP members there are in an area,
the easier car-sharing will become for everyone!

To register for car-sharing :
All you have to do is to fill in and sign the attached form and send it by post or by fax to the address shown on the form. VAP will send you for free your membership number, your badge and all necessary information.

To participate as a pedestrian…
The pedestrian hitches a lift by showing his/her VAP badge and by indicating with a sign whereto he/she wants to travel.
…and/or as a car-driver:
The driver sticks his/her VAP card on the windscreen of the vehicle and offers the pedestrian a lift if they are travelling in the same direction.

For a safe and secure VAP car-sharing, some important recommendations :

- Members registered for VAP car-sharing must be at least 18 years of age.
- Both driver and pedestrian members of VAP are of course always free to propose or to refuse an offer of car-sharing.
- Pedestrians wishing to be offered a lift must show their VAP card proving membership.
- Driver members must display clearly their VAP signs on their vehicles.
- Pedestrians should carry a sign showing whereto they wish to travel (METRO, CENTRE…). It is understood that a pedestrian may require several stages to reach his/her destination.
- Drivers should bring pedestrians as far as possible consistent with their own itineraries. A driver is never obliged to make a detour for the sake of his/her passenger.
- Both pedestrians and drivers must absolutely chose places for embarking/disembarking which do not interfere with the traffic!

Information and contact:
VAP Car-sharing
tél: 02 675 05 88

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